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christmas door swag
christmas wreath

Door Swags $35 - $65 depending on size and design

Fresh holiday wreaths, various designs. We can custom decorate to your requests.
$35 - $75
christmas gnome
christmas cross

Gnomes with varying hat styles $45 each

"Traditional Cross"  with ground stake. $40 each

christmas tree porch pot
honey lawrence kansas

Porch Pots with varying themes $35 each

Fresh, raw honey from our hives here at Seven Pines.

live potted Christmas trees.jpg
pine cone fire starters.jpg

Live, potted Scotch Pine and Austrian Pine Christmas trees.

$40 each.

Pine cone fire starters. Dipped in wax these homemade fire starters come unscented or infused with cinnamon stick or pine needle scent. $1 ea or $5 for 6.

All of our wreaths, door swags, gnomes and other items are made from fresh greenery and sealed with a clear sealant that helps them remain fresher longer. The majority of the wreaths are 23" wide. Other sizes are available by request.


Wreath Tip: Do not hang your wreath between your storm door and exterior house door. A large amount of heat is generated in that trapped air space and will essentially cook your wreath!

Delivery is available for trees, wreaths, Gnomes, and porch pots within 10 miles of the Seven Pines Christmas Tree Farm for a flat $20 charge. Contact us for further details. If you live farther than 10 miles away contact us to see if we may be able to arrange delivery for you. Payment in full is due prior to delivery. 

Examples of our one of a kind wreaths. 

Let us design something special just for you!

IMG_4504 (1).jpg
christmas wreath kansas
christmas porch pot kansas
christmas tree lawrence ks
christmas tree topeka
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