Christmas Trees For Sale

This year at Seven Pines we will have fresh, pre - cut trees from Minnesota. We will have a great selection of Fraser Fir and Scotch Pine. We are still a few years away from our trees on the farm being large enough for cutting.

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             Fraser Fir


The combination of form, great needle retention, dark blue-green color with silver under tone, make this a highly sought after variety. Variety is abundantly fragrant. Soft, pleasant to the touch needles.

Price is $50 - $250 depending on size and grade.

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           Scotch Pine

As a Christmas tree Scotch pine is known for its excellent needle retention and good keepability. The branches are strong with bright green, medium length needles that will not drop even if the tree becomes dry. When displayed in a water filled container it will remain fresh for the normal 3 to 4 week Christmas season. Longer needles than the spruce varieties. 

Price is $25 - $175 depending on size and grade.

         Concolor Fir


Concolor has a light blue-green color similar to Colorado Blue Spruce. Very long needle retention. Variety is abundantly fragrant, citrus like aroma. Soft, pleasant to the touch needles, mid length needles.

Price is $90 - $150 depending on size and grade.


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